Dr. Shawn provides a family atmosphere, caring personal attention and on top of all that, he does good work. I had numbness in my legs which was gone after my first treatment. I see him at least twice a month to stay in line. Thank you Dr. Shawn!

Marilyn F.

Amazing all around!! Great atmosphere and phenomenal staff!! You always feel brand new when you walk out the door!! Brenda is my go to gal for a massage and of course Shawn makes sure I’m in great alignment for the week ahead!! Absolutely LOVE ChiroWorx!! 🙂

Vivian W.

Thanks for coming to practice and adjusting the Texas Revolution Dancers!!!

Amber M.

Great chiropractor!!!!

Mary N.

I've been coming to see dr. Scoggin for 10 years. I've been under chiropractic care for over 50 years. He has proven to be the best chiropractor I've ever scene.

Steven L.

Visit was great and very helpful. Staff is very professional and knowledgeable.

Maria R.

I really enjoy going to the Chiropractic because of the good team they have! Doctor Scoggin is such a good professional, he not only takes good care of his customers but he also gives us a lot of information about our issue. I highly recommend you to visit ChiroWorx Family Chiropractic. They are awesome.

Juliana N.

Friendly faces and great service!

Adolfo G.

Everyone at ChiroWorx is great. They always treat you like family

Nikki L.

Great job. Really thorough.


I take my entire family of 5 to Shawn for regular adjustments. When we do have an issue: pulled shoulder, hip out of wack, etc., he always is able to correct the issue with one adjustment. My lower back pain has even gone away with his treatments. I have referred everyone I know in the Frisco/Plano/Colony area to visit him. Thanks.

Lynn S.
Charlotte E.

Dr Shawn and his staff are wonderful! Highly recommend for adults AND kids.

Susan A.

The Appointment was absolutely wonderful. The feedback explanation of treatment was great. My Young Adult son enjoyed it as well. As a Mom introducing my Young Adult son to medical appointments along with the doctor and staff also medically educating him together was a prime example to my son of what to look for as he takes on responsibility of doctors appointments and key information and staff to watch for. Dr Scoggin is wonderful.


I was having headaches for a month. Visited Dr Shawn and he helped me feel better immediately. Dr and staff are fabulous. Highly recommend!


Excellent doctor and staff. Shawn and Mike are the best! Great service!!

Cindy R.

Dr. Shawn is wonderful. He quickly identifies issues and then works to get you all fixed up. He has a calm, friendly demeanor and genuinely cares for his patients. I highly recommend!

Carolyn S.

Like always they are very profesional and Dr Shawn since I meet him he makes me feel good and fix my back so good.

Luis M.

My family and I really love Dr. Shawn and the care he provides. He does a great job of diagnosing and taking care of the root cause of our issues.

David E.
Jevin G.

This place is amazing. Dr Shaun and his staff welcome you with open arms. Never a dull minute here. Very sociable, caring & always has a smile. The massage is a must!!

Natasha W.

I will recommend this place

Arafat Z.

Great adjustment, advice and massage. Feeling so much better!

Autumn R.

As always, excellent care by a great group.

Kevin G.

Love Dr. Sean! My family and I been going to Chiroworx for years. He has helped tremendously with migraines, hip pain and jgeneral health. I would highly recommend Chiroworx.

Annette Q.

Shawn is absolutely awesome. I was under severe pain this Monday and Shawn came to the clinic despite being a holiday and provided necessary adjustment that helped me sleep at least and pain came down to less than 50% in the next few days. He is very helpful in accommodating changes and giving suggestions.

Mukesh G.

Great Chiropractor! Horrible massage therapist!


Dr Shawn is the best! I was very skeptical of chiropractic treatment because you need someone who knows what they are doing and he does. I will always go to Dr Shawn for treatment because he is the best and it works.


I came to see Dr. Scoggin regarding some neck and back pain I had been experiencing for several months. Before seeing him I cut down on the exercises I thought had been aggravating it. I even stopped exercising entirely for about a month before I saw Dr. Scoggin. Nothing was helping, and the problem was getting worst if anything. I booked an appointment with Dr. Scoggin, and after the first session I noticed quite a bit relief. I came to the office for a total of four sessions, and the underlying problem causing the pain was fixed. Now I am a believer in Chiropractic adjustments to maintain a pain free active life. I couldn't recommend Dr. Scoggin enough. The office staff was really kind and helpful. If you are experiencing any pain you should come pay this office a visit. Five stars all around for the whole office.

Vic C.

The staff is the best. They are always freindly and figure out a way to get you better.

Nikki L.

Wonderful experience. Everyone is very friendly and helpful answering questions about health and wellness. Massage was one of the best I've had. So relaxing and theraputic. Dr. Shawn gave the most comprehensive adjustment adjustment I've had at a chiropractor! Thanks for the awesome care!

Jammi F.
Thalia S.

Great experience at ChrioWorxs Friendly staff is very attentive to the needs of the whole family. Had a massage and adjustment and felt great. Adjustment was very comprehensive. Highly recommend for anyone experiencing any pain or just needing a life adjustment!

Jammi F.

Dr. Shawn is both knowledgeable and very practical. Dr. Mike is so helpful. We love this practice. My Dancing Daughters are so much healthier thanks to Dr. Shawn and Dr. Mike.

Thalia S.

I have always had good results from my visits to Chiroworx over the years. The treatments I received have always been related to what i might be dealing with at the time or to help with my maintenence program.

Kenneth P.

Very personable

Doris S.

It was on a weekend that we were preparing to travel out of state and I was in severe unknown back pain. Dr Scoggin took my phone call, opened his office after hours just to help me. Something that didn't just take minutes to heal, he patiently worked with me over an hour and got me to a place where I could go on our planned trip out of state. Upon return, he continued to work on the problematic area and after just a few apts, I've had no issues. I do believe that he works from his heart and is so passionate about helping and correcting the problem, its not a rush in/out and a prescription. He and his team work together to find the exact issue, and correct it from within. I'll always be a loyal client. My family too have all gone and been under his care. Nothing but the best exceptional care and service from his office. I recommend him to everyone! He's not only my chiropractor, he's now my friend.

Natasha W.

I love Dr Shawn and ChiroWorx!! The atmosphere is so upbeat. You can tell they really care about you, are genuine and want to help you in any way they can. Always a positive experience!!

Megan K.

Dr. Shawn and Mike always take great care of me and my family. Its rare when you find a health provider that you feel like they're in it to help people and not just for the money. I NEVER feel that way with Dr. Shawn. You know that they truly care about you on the very first visit. On top of that, he's treated everything from headaches, car accidents, to just old age stiffness and loss of motion. Extremely satisfied.

David E.
Kurt W.
Katrina M.

Dr. Shawn and his staff are amazing. The atmosphere when you walk in is so upbeat, positive and relaxed. It's like they've known you for years. They genuinely care about you and want to help in whatever way they can.

Megan K.

What a great experience! Thanks Dr. Scoggin.

Kiersty L.

Awesome! I leave feeling like a new woman! Not just an awesome massage but Dr. Scoggin is a miracle worker on popping the areas that will make your symptom complaints better!

Family D.

Shawn is absolutely awesome, takes great care of his patients, invests time to understand the problem and explain clearly what the treatment plan would be. I consulted him starting April since no other treatment was being productive including physiotherapy. We made significant progress in few months. I'm almost pain-free now which is miles ahead of where i was. Highly recommend Shawn to anyone with back problems.

Mukesh G.

Dr. Scoggin has done wonders for my lower back and migraines. This past week I woke up with bad vertigo. After getting through most of the day Dr. Scoggin was able to pinpoint which part of my neck was out of place. After that one adjustment most of my vertigo was gone! I can't recommend Dr. Scoggin enough!

Rashna M.

Great experience very personal best part is they make you feel better

John J

I have been a patient at ChiroWorx for 3 months. Dr. Shawn and Mike are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They truly want their patients to feel better! In the past month, I have taken zero ibuprofen which is incredible as I had been taking it daily for years for neck and shoulder issues. These guys are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better!


Great staff very attentive to your needs

Shamaine T.

Great chiropractor! Very thorough and treats patients as if they were family. Spends needed time to resolve each individual patient's issues. Great staff too!

Jeanne B.

Dr. Shawn is fantastic. I had headaches 3 to 4 times per week and with the adjustments to my neck, Dr. Shawn has eliminated my headaches. In addition, I had some lower back problems due to a knee replacement and Dr. Shawn has helped get rid of that pain as well.

Truly amazing !!! I had no idea how much of your body your back controls.

Robert B.

Friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Shawn. He's treated my family for several issues, back, shoulder, and headaches.

David E.

Dr Shawn is always so sweet and very accommodating with his schedule. He always wants the best for me and makes sure I get the proper care I need. Mike is also great and very nice and helps me out a lot. I think they work great together and I highly recommend them!

Alyssa M.

What a great experience! I already scheduled my next visit with Dr. Scoggin.

Kiersty H.


Julie W.

Very professional and informative. I will definitely be back and recommend you!

Sherri H.

Went in for (Couples Snap Crackle & Pop©) Did not know how much I needed my adjustment, until I slept so well that night! Thank you!

Jennifer L.

Excellent doctor, great personality Dr. SHAWN. Mike is a pleasure to work with too!

Cindy R.

I have to say I was a skeptic but these guys are great. I walk in hurting and walk out feeling like a new man they listen to me and work on my problem areas that along with a massage makes me one happy guy.

Freddy S.

Dr. Shaun and Mike are awesome they take very good care of me and are very friendly and professional. They make you feel better physically and mentally. A#1 group of people everyone should check these guys out.

Sandra S.

Shawn is absolutely awesome, takes great care of his patients, invests time to understand the problem and explain clearly what the treatment plan would be. I consulted him starting April since no other treatment was being productive including physiotherapy. We made significant progress in few months. I'm almost pain-free now which is miles ahead of where i was. Highly recommend Shawn to anyone with back problems.

Mukesh G.

Very nice and knowledgeable.

Lynn S.

Dr. Shawn is the best in the business when it comes to pulling all the stops to ensure you get the treatment you need. I have gone to a few Chiropractic doctors and Dr. Shawn is hands down the best!! Not only does he care about trying to correct what's wrong with you, but he cares about his patients. I love that he so knowledgeable and is glad to share that knowledge with you. He also makes himself available whenever (on apt only days) their is a need. I call him doctor, but I also call him friend, because he is.

Katrina M.

Great experience very personal best part is they make you feel better.

John J.

I've had great results from my treatment. Dr. Shawn was able to help my 12 year old daughter as well. The massage is a nice bonus, too!

Susan S.

Dr. Scoggin has helped me in so many ways. I used to get headaches at least 3 times a week and after only a few adjustments my headaches are gone. Part of the problem was I had a lazy eye which caused me to keep my head tilted in order to see better. Dr. Scoggin gave me an excellent referral and I was able to that corrected which has significantly improved not only my sight but my neck. He truly cares about your entire well being. I no longer have any pain in my back or neck. If you want someone who does more than just makes quick adjustments, and want someone who truly cares. See Dr. Scoggin. Truly amazing !!

Robert B.

Dr Shawn is extremely professional, friendly, and effective! I went in with a decent amount of lower back pain each morning, and after about 4 sessions, was off a daily dose of Aleve.

David B.

All staff are very friendly, knows you by name and attentive to your individual needs. Great atmosphere. Highly recommend a visit to see Dr Shawn.

Shamaine H.

They are the best! They are so accommodating. I go every three weeks for an adjustment and massage (amazing ) it has made a tremendous difference keeping my back, pain free.

Robin B.

Dr. Shawn as well as his whole staff have been amazing. I had been to two other chiropractors and the visits were useless, I tried chiroWorx, and have become a true believer.

Keith S.

Awesome care at ChiroWorx. Dr. Shawn and Mike are always on top of it. Warm and inviting and most importantly, they help you heal. I've had back and shoulder pain healed, my wife has had back and headaches minimized or completely healed. I've used several chiropractors in the area, but Dr. Shawn is the best.

David E.

Very friendly. Did a really good job.

Daniel M.

After my car accident in June 2015, Dr. Scoggin helped get my brother and I get back in working order. I suffered from neck and shoulder injuries. It was a process, but after a few months I was feeling great and back to normal. Great team and very friendly!

Francesca V.

Dr. Scoggins is very attentive and has great bed-side manners. He always shows concerns for your issues and only treats what needs to be treated. This is the best office I have visited and I have been to several different chiropractors.

Kevin G.

Dr. Shawn has the mad skillz!

Adolfo G.

Dr. Shawn and his staff are amazing! I always feel amazing and recharged after each visit. They are professional and friendly!

Belinda S.

When I meet Shawn at the Italian club of Dallas I had injured my low back and hip and I could not move very well and with only one session he made feel good again and do my activities again Then I went to visit them for a year and I consider the profesional service and good attension with the patients. I highly recommend them!

Luis M.

Chiro works has an amazing atmosphere that treats every customer like a family member I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing soreness in the back. They have a great maintenance program with massage when needed.

Charles P.

Great knowledgeable staff, great flexible schedule to assist you get your back to health.

Vicky C.

Dr. Scoggin is always pleasant and friendly! Mike, the office manager, is fast and efficient. I love that there is a masseuse on site for all who need it.

Diane T.

After my car accident I need help with the pain, they fit me in that same day. They took care of everything and made sure I was feeling good.


Dr. Shawn and Mike are great! Not only do I love getting adjusted by Dr. Shawn, Mike is very helpful and accommodating when making appointments. Office is clean and convenient.

Karen S.

Dr. Scoggin was very knowledgeable. He took the time to educate me and explain how to take better care of my skeletal system. Although I live nearly an hour away, I will definitely be back.

Stacey S.

Dr. Shawn is awesome............................a magic "healer".

Michael B.


Elizabeth A.

Dr. Plate is amazing. I highly recommend him.

Kendal S.

Mike and Shawn run a fantastic place to go and receive care. I've never been turned down to get an appointment in, and are always incredibly accommodating. I've gotten significantly healthier and reduced pain in the time under their care.

Sam H.

I came to Dr. Shawn due to terrible headaches that I had been suffering from every day for months. After seeing a neurologist and spending hundreds of dollars on MRI'S and other testing, I still had intense headaches daily with no resolution. Within 30 minutes after my first session with Dr. Shawn my headache was finally gone! My quality of life has improved immensely since my treatment began!

Mykeshia B.

Dr. Shawn is fantastic. I had headaches 3 to 4 times per week and with the adjustments to my neck, Dr. Shawn has eliminated my headaches. In addition, I had some lower back problems due to a knee replacement and Dr. Shawn has helped get rid of that pain as well. Truly amazing !!! I had no idea how much of your body your back controls.

Robert B.

Definitely top-notch

Jeanne B.

Awesome they're the friendliest group of people and always make you feel important.

Freddy S.

They are very personable and attentive to your needs.

Brittany H.

Great work. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Shamaine H.

Dr Shawn is amazing, He quickly understands the problem, takes time to explain the situation clearly and walks through the improvement plan thoroughly with a good toast of humor. My back pain improved tremendously after many past unsuccessful visits to physiotherapy. Highly recommended.

Mukesh G.

Friendly staff and a chiropractic treatment at its best.

Sandra S.

I have been a patient of Dr Shawn for many years now. He and his team have help me tremendously and still do. My health has improved a lot.

Griselda F.

I've been to several chiropractors and Dr. Scoggins is the most thorough and detailed. His assistant Mike is also awesome and they both make sure all your needs and concerns are addressed and met. I highly recommend this practice!

Susanna H.

Excellent staff and great care. Dr. Shawn knows me and my chiropractic needs. I highly recommend him!

Dave A.

I love Dr. Scoggin's technique. I get the best, most personalized adjustments of my life. I have been using chiropractic services for years and so appreciate his treatment methods! Best ever!

Amie P.

I've been through two broken backs.....All the chiropractic doctors BEFORE Dr.Shaun did not help me,they hurt me EVEN more.Dr.Shaun has been a true blessing....He just knows how to help me due to my pain being all over the map.

Larry P.
Robin B.

I Highly recomen him very professional

Martha C.

Dr. Shawn is the greatest!

Rose H.


Crystal H.

Dr. SHAWN told me he could help me with my headaches. And I have finally hit the breakthrough to making my life much better. I could not have done it without him and his great staff. Thanks to you too Mike.

Nikki L.

Love this place! Dr Shawn is amazing, he's the most thorough chiropractor I've found! Can't recommend Chiroworx enough!

Jessie B.

I love this place! I always come out of my appointment feeling like a brand new woman! If you need a massage or an alignment, this is the place to go! Excellent atmosphere and amazing people, I could never say enough good things about it! 🙂 Would recommend to everyone.

Vivian W.
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  1. a partial dislocation.
    • a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems.